The Quebec community in Shanghai.

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Our mission

Connect, inform and help each other

We are a community of Quebec expatriates in Shanghai. Whether you are a newcomer, a student or a business owner in the megalopolis, our WeChat online group and our events are the focal points for connecting, learning and helping each other.

Annual events

Every year our community meets in the most beautiful places in Shanghai 🥳
MarSugar shack
JunQuebec National Day
SeptBack to school BBQ
DecChrismas party

Word from the founder

Éric Gagnon

Ultimately, my dream is to inspire Quebeckers who have gone to live in the great cities of the world to follow this path of recognition and mutual aid. Welcome home to Shanghai!

The organizing committee

Julien Saint-Georges


Geneviève Rolland


Normand Gauthier


Hongda Zheng


Alexandre Custeau


Erlyne Benjamin


François Séguin


Heinrich Tremblay


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For any questions, sponsorship requests or for help joining the WeChat group, please write to us!